Shine by Heidi

About Heidi

About Heidi

A wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend…

I was raised by loving parents with 3 wonderful siblings in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I’m a dedicated wife to an amazing supportive Husband. He’s my best friend and confident. I’m so grateful for his love and dedication as a husband and father.

Together we are raising 4 incredible and talented children. I’m a brave mom trying to do my best to raise happy, confident, kind, and capable children. I’m surrounded by wonderful friends and family who support, love and help each other.

Being a wife and mother is hard, but it’s also a joyous and rewarding adventure. I enjoy being at home so I can be there for my husband and children. I’m so grateful for the help of those who surround me and support me. Most importantly I am so grateful for the help that comes from heaven.

I love God, family, music, singing, biking, water skiing, running, and Irish dance. I enjoy traveling and visiting new places. I collect thimbles when I travel and it helps me remember the places I’ve visited and the fun memories from each vacation.

Starting a Blog…

My two Friends, Hope and Chandler, started Shine Cosmetics out of the sincere desire to “to celebrate and focus on the bold and daring beauty in women across the world.”  They wanted to take a stand against the sexualization of women by the beauty industry by creating a brand that offers high-quality makeup with positive, empowering messages. Their goal is to put the beauty back in makeup and celebrate femininity, not sexuality. Hope and Chandler shared this with me and I was excited about sharing their message with others. I decided to try to make a difference by starting a blog, shinebyheidi.

And Now I’m Here!

I’m an ambassador for Shine Cosmetics. I love Shine’s mission to put beauty back in makeup and each product serves as a daily affirmation to remind us of just how amazing we are. As I look online or see commercials for beauty products I am appalled at the type of inappropriate, explicit, sexual connotations that are associated with the beauty industry. I love that Shine’s products have a purpose, the names can inspire, encourage, fortify and give positive declarations as I get ready each morning. I love that Shine Cosmetics is committed to encouraging, inspiring and fortifying women. I have a passion for helping others feel confident about themselves. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and that it inspires you to go out and experience your own!

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