Shine Cosmetics LipVelvet

Shine Cosmetics LipVelvet

Shine Cosmetics LipVelvet

Introducing LipVelvet, created in collaboration with @tarathueson!
LipVelvet combines a beautiful matte finish of a lip stain, with the ease-of-wear and flexibility of a lip gloss.
You might be a bit confused—how can the words “matte” and “gloss” be used to describe one product? LipVelvet uniquely blends the favorite qualities of matte and glossy formulas. It feels as smooth as the name suggests (like velvet), and the color—while not as long-lasting as a lip stain—wears beautifully for hours.
This will be a new favorite in your makeup bag!
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Shine Cosmetics LipVelvet in 5 Beautiful Colors

It comes in 5 beautiful “matte” colors: Serendipity, Belle, Reverie, Miracle and Grace

  • Light, velvety texture
  • Lasting color
  • Comfortable formula
  • Creamy and conditioning

Apply evenly to lips.

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