Shine Cosmetics Special Offers

Shine Cosmetics Special Offers

Shine Cosmetics Special Offers

This is where you can find all of the recent Shine Cosmetics Special Offers.Shine Cosmetics Save 10%

Spring is here! Shine is celebrating sunshine, cheerful colors, and Savings.

Save up to $5 on all of the best seasonal shades.

Use discount code: Heidi10 at Check out

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Celebrate Spring!

March 20-21, 2022 Only

Be True Eyeshadow Palette- $25

Lip Gloss, favorite Purples and Pinks- $17

Blush Sticks- $22

Lip Liner, five stunning shades- $14

Bronzer- $25

Use my code Heidi10 to save an additional 10% on your entire order.

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New Product Alert!

Honey Lip Gloss


Shine Cosmetics LipVelvet

Poetic is the newest color released! SEVEN other shades of LipVelvet—Belle, Grace, Miracle, Reverie, Serendipity, Gem, Marvel!

Learn more about Shine Cosmetics LipVelvet here.

What is LipVelvet? Shine combined a beautiful matte finish of a lip stain, with the ease-of-wear and flexibility of a lip gloss.

How can the words “matte” and “gloss” be used to describe one product? LipVelvet uniquely blends the favorite qualities of matte and glossy formulas. It feels as smooth as the name suggests (like velvet), and the color—while not as long-lasting as a lip stain—wears beautifully for hours.

I can’t wait for you to try this revolutionary new product. I am certain it will be a new favorite in you makeup bag!



Did you know that Shine Cosmetics offers subscription boxes? Make your life a little easier! Currently you can join the BB Cream Subscription or the Beauty Talks Lip Subscription.  Click here for more information.

BB Cream Subscription

Unlike some subscriptions that leave you with more product than you need — wasting money and taking up storage space, your BB Cream Subscription can be tailored to your exact wishes. You are in control, and can decide how often you want the BB Cream to arrive, along with the flexibility to skip or cancel anytime. It’s as easy as that!
Subscribe and Save (money and headaches) today!

Enjoy 15% off every shipment when you enroll in the Shine Cosmetics BB Cream Subscription.

Choose a shipment frequency of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 months. You may edit or cancel at any time.

BB Cream Subscribers also enjoy exclusive discounts on other popular products, included in every shipment.

Beauty Talks Lip Subscription Club

Shine was started because they care about the way you feel about you. Words are powerful. In fact, the most powerful voice you listen to everyday is your own. Feeling you are beautiful begins with believing you are beautiful. And believing you are beautiful begins with your thoughts, the words you tell yourself all day, every day.
For under $15 a month, you will receive one of Shine’s popular lip products* (at a steep discount) along with an Affirmation Card, (a little beauty pep talk). Beauty Talk Lip Subscriptions are convenient, flexible and like a Beauty Pep Talk arriving in your mailbox once a month. You can edit, pause or cancel at anytime. Subscribers will also enjoy exclusive discounts on other popular products, exclusive early access to new lip products, and certain events, promotions and more.
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Article by Heidi Boyer

Heidi is an Ambassador for Shine Cosmetics. She has a passion for helping others feel confident about themselves. Use Coupon Code Heidi10 to save 10% on your entire order.

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