National Lipstick Day

Celebrate National Lipstick Day

 Celebrate National Lipstick Day

July 29th! Yes, National Lipstick Day is a real thing.

According to National Day Calendar in 2016, Huda Kattan was named the modern day founder of National Lipstick Day by a Proclamation from National Day Calendar’s Registrar.  There have been multiple people and companies around the world who have celebrated Lipstick Days annually with no deceleration. Typically you will find several different companies offering specials on lip products and big sales in the cosmetic industry today. How will you celebrate? Take advantage of a great deal or post a picture of yourself with your favorite lip color and #nationallipstickday.

Here are a few fun facts about lipstick.

Women have colored their lips for over 5,000 years according to Wikipedia. Both men and women would crush gemstones to add color to their lips in ancient Sumeria. In ancient times they also would crush bugs to add color to their lips. (Yuck crushed bugs, can you imagine!). Ancient Egyptians also used red dye from fucus-algin, iodine and bromine mannite but the dye would cause serious illness. Other civilizations used fish scales, castor oil, lead, and vermilion. (Hmmm I’m grateful the beauty industry creates products that are safe to use!) May I say I think I now understand the meaning of the “Kiss of Death!”

There are times in history that lipstick has been thought of as witchcraft, a devilish attempt to trick men into marriage. Some say George Washington wore lipstick and Queen Victoria considered it impolite, yet Winston Churchill thought it was an excellent morale booster during WWII. Sarah Bernhardt created a scandal by applying “lip rouge” in public. (How times have changed.)

The average women is said to consume 4 lbs. of lipstick over a lifetime.

Ever thought of spending $62,000 on a tube of lipstick? (You better like the color!) According to Byrdie that’s the price of one of the most expensive lipsticks in the world, Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick. What you are actually paying for is the 110 grams of gold and 199 diamonds that the tube is made from! (Hopefully, it is refillable for a lifetime!)

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Well, I would have to say that I am grateful that Lipstick is not poisonous and I didn’t trick my husband into marrying me. (At least not with lipstick ;)) I do like to wear all kinds of lip color and find it fun to match different colors to the clothing that I am wearing. Sometimes its fun to wear a matte lip color or put on a little gloss. Whatever your preference might be, enjoy wearing your favorite lips color to celebrate National Lipstick Day!

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Article by Heidi Boyer

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