Strive Definition



verb \ˈstrīv\ 

Strive is defined as :to devote serious effort or energy :to struggle in opposition (according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary).

What do you think of when you hear the word Strive?

It is spring time and my thoughts are on planting and new growth. I think of a tiny seed planted beneath the earth. The tiny plant must push against the earth and eventually break through the soil, exerting great effort and energy. Once the plant has emerged from the soil it will have to adapt and adjust to the many different conditions in which it lives in order to survive. For the seed to germinate and then eventually grow it must have sun, water and essential minerals from the soil. There are many different types of seeds that can grow. Some seeds will be for small plants, shrubs or flowers. Other seeds can grow to be enormous trees.

Have you ever been in the mountains or in nature and noticed a tree growing in unusual circumstances?

Trees growing on the mountain

I am always amazed at the growth of trees when I am in the Mountains. The trees seem to grow onto the sides of the mountains, reaching, grasping to whatever soil might be there in the rocks. Some trees seem to reach out to catch the light and strength of the sun. It amazes me that the trees in the mountains can survive in these strenuous circumstances, while the trees in my own yard that I strive hard to water, fertilize and care for can dry out and die.

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