Trimming and Shaping Eyebrow

Trimming and Shaping Eyebrows

How to Trim your brows:

Trimming BrowsTo trim your eyebrows first brush them up and trim any hairs that grow longer than the natural hair line. Brush down and do the same. Be careful not to trim them too short and to stay within your natural hair line.

How to Shape your brows:

Use an eye liner pencil and line it up with the edge of your nose.

Shape Eyebrow

  1. First line hold the pencil straight touching your nose and lining it up with the tear duct. This is the beginning of the brow and all hairs before that line should be removed.
  2. Second, keep the pencil in line with your nose and move it diagonally to the outer edge of your iris. This is the arch, or high point of your brow.
  3. Third line is where your eyebrows should end. Keep the pencil next to your nose and move it diagonally until it is in line with the outer corner of your eye. All hairs beyond that point should be removed.
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