How to use Shine Cosmetics Brow Kit

How to use the Brow Kit

Eyebrows can make a big difference! They frame our faces, highlight our eyes, and show expression. You can google eyebrows and you will get a variety of tutorials. How to use an eye liner, wax, powder, etc. to highlight your eyebrows. You can read about big defined eyebrows, skinny refined brows, all shapes and sizes. If you want to learn how to trim and shape your eyebrows here is a quick tutorial.

If you are looking for how to use a powder brow kit to get a soft natural look you have come to the right place. I’ll be using a Shine Brow kit to show you how to fill in your brows and use your own natural brow line. You are beautiful and your own natural line will be the best for your face.

The Shine Brow Kit

Shine Brow KitThe Shine Brow Kit comes in two colors: Integrity (light) and Refine (dark). They each have 4 colors: 2 colors, a highlighter and a finishing powder to set the color. You can use any of these colors for eye shadow as well. It also comes with two brushes: a spoolie and a duel brush with a sponge eye shadow brush on one end and an angled brush on the other end. You can purchase a Shine Brow Kit Here. Shop Now

How to use the Brow Kit

Step 1: Brush your brows

Brush BrowsUse the small spoolie to brush through and straighten your brows. Start at the inner part of your eye, gently brushing up and straightening the hairs as you work your way to the outer part of your eye.


Step 2: Choose a color

There are 2 colors to match the color of your brow hairs. Choose a color that matches the color of your brow hairs the best.

Step 3: Apply the product to the brush

Brow Kit with BrushUse the angled brush to apply the product to your brows. You can apply this product either wet or dry depending on whether you want a soft or defined look. If you want a more defined look wet your brush before applying the product to it. If you want a softer more natural look apply the product dry.

Gently brush vertically onto the product so that the powder stays on the tip of the brush. If you brush the angled brush from side to side the powder will get too far into the base of the brush, create waste and possibly ruin your brush.


Step 4: Use the brush to apply powder to brow

Once you have the powder on your brush start with the bottom line of your eyebrow. Begin at the arch of your brow and follow the natural line to the outer edge of your brow. Be sure to stay within the line of your brow hairs for a natural look. Apply more product to your brush and this time start at the inner part of your brow and blend it to the other line. Continue to apply more product to the brush as needed.

Next start at the inner top edge of your brow and glide the line along your natural line to the outer edge of your brow. If your brows are thin or almost non-existent here you will find how to shape your brows.

After you have the desired outline or shape of you brow now it is time to fill in the middle. Start at the inner part of your brow and work your way to the outer part of your brow. Use your angled brush in a swift upward motion like you are painting individual hairs to your brow. Be sure to add product to your brush as needed and blend carefully to get a nice even look.


Step 5: Blend with Spoolie

Use the small spoolie to brush through your brow hairs again. Add pressure to blend across your brow.


Step 6: Clean up edges

Once you have the desired look, use a cotton-swab to clean up around the edges of your brow. Use makeup remover as needed. Apply the finishing powder to set the color in place.


Applying Fiber BrowStep 7: Finish with Fiber Brow

The Fiber Brow can complete your look by setting the powder and help tame stray hairs and keep them in place. Read the Fiber brow tutorial for more information.


Step 8: Use a BB Cream and powder to Clean up the edges

After you have cleaned up around your brows you may find that you want a little BB cream around the edges of your brow to make a nice clean line. Use a clean thin brush to apply the BB cream along the bottom of your eyebrow. Blend the cream downward toward your eye. Repeat this in an upward motion, along the top of your brow and blend toward your forehead. Apply a light face powder or finishing powder after, to set it.


Step 9: The Highlighter

Highlighter on eyebrowThe Shine Brow kit comes with a beautiful highlighter you can use to highlight just under your brows. Make sure you clean your angled brush or use the sponge applicator to apply the highlighter. When you apply the highlighter start about ¾ in towards the center of your brow and blend to the outer part of the brow. Blend the highlighter downward into your eye shadow.

Article by Heidi Boyer

Heidi is an Ambassador for Shine Cosmetics. She has a passion for helping others feel confident about themselves. Use Coupon Code Heidi10 to save 10% on your entire order.

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