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You may have heard of Fiber Lash Mascara but have you ever heard of Fiber Brow? It’s new and Shine Cosmetics has come out with this new brow bestie! Shine Fiber Brow is a tinted gel that contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hairs. Fiber Brow creates natural-looking brows with fullness and definition. The custom brush allows you to blend, fill, and define while keeping your brows in place all day long. There are two colors to choose from, Integrity (light) and Refine (dark).

Apply Fiber Brow after you have applied facial moisturizers and BB Cream.

Eyebrows before Fiber Brow

How to use Shine Fiber Brow

1. Brush your Eyebrows

Brush your EyebrowsUse a small spoolie or eyebrow brush to brush through and straighten your brows. Start at the inner part of your eye gently brushing and straightening the hairs as you work your way to the outer part of your eye.

2. Apply Fiber Brow

Twist wand to not pump wand in tube
Be sure not to pump the wand in and out of the tube. When you do this it pushes air into the tube and will dry it out. It also pushes all the product down to the bottom of the tube where your spoolie will not be able to reach it. By gently twisting the wand around the tube you can get plenty of product onto the spoolie and your product will last longer.

Apply Fiber BrowOnce you have twisted the wand around inside the container a couple of times, slowly remove it and wipe any excess on the edge of the tube. When applying the product to your brows start in the middle of your brow working your way to the end. Finish with the inner part of your brow blending to the middle. When applying the Fiber Brow be sure to push the brush into the brow touching the skin under the brow hairs. Let the gel dry and you can reapply to achieve the desired color.

Tip: For a natural look be sure to stay within your brow hairline  If you want to learn how to shape your brows here is a quick tutorial.

Clean up Edges of Eyebrow3. Clean up edges

Use a cotton-swab, tissue, or just your finger to clean up the edges around your brow. Gently run it above and below your brow to clean up any stray product. If you have difficultly removing any gel use a little makeup remover and a cotton-swab.

BB Cream Face Powder4. Apply BB cream and Finishing powder above and below

Use a makeup brush to apply a little BB cream around the edges of your brow to make a nice clean line above and below your brow. Blend the BB cream downward toward your eye and upward toward your forehead. Apply a light face powder or finishing powder after, to set it.

Apply Highlighter5. Apply a Highlighter

To help highlight and add depth to your face you can apply a highlighter to the bottom edge of the brow. Choose a light color either matte or shimmer eye shadow. Apply to your brush and start about ¼ of the way from the inner part of the brow and continue to the end of the brow. Blend the highlighter downward into your eye shadow.

One Eyebrow with Fiber Brow One Without


Article by Heidi Boyer

Heidi is an Ambassador for Shine Cosmetics. She has a passion for helping others feel confident about themselves. Use Coupon Code Heidi10 to save 10% on your entire order.

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