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Shine Days

Shine Days

Are you ready for the biggest event in Shine history?

With New Discounts Each Day, It Is Time to Stock up and Save!

July 24-26

Steals and Hot Specials at prices you have never seen before and may not see again.

Tuesday, July 24th

Shine Steal of the Day 

Brow Kit $16 (Save $12)

Learn more about How to use the Brow Kit

Hot Specials 

Fiber Brow $20 (Save $4) 

Learn more about How to Use Shine Fiber Brow

Lip Liner $14 (Save $2)

Be sure to save an additional 10% off with Heidi10 

Shine Cosmetics Save 10%

Article by Heidi Boyer

Heidi is an Ambassador for Shine Cosmetics. She has a passion for helping others feel confident about themselves. Use Coupon Code Heidi10 to save 10% on your entire order.

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